Harambee Festival 2017



12:00 p.m.              World Life Band

12:20 p.m.              Excellence Dance Theatre

12:30 p.m.              FAMU Orchesis Contemporary Dance Company

12:45 p.m.              MidTown Production for Colored Girls

1:00 p.m.                African Caribbean Dance Theatre

1:20 p.m.                True Blue Entertainment

1:40 p.m.                Black Seed Music

2:00 p.m.               The Legends Band

2:20 p.m.               Trynet Capoeria Brazilian Martial Arts

2:40 p.m.               The Common ‘Taters and the Turn Ups’

3:00 p.m.               FAMU Gospel Choir

3:30 p.m.               Poetry Cypher – Featuring VOICES & Black on Black Rhyme

3:45 p.m.               Cap 6

4:00 p.m.               Motown Recording Artist – Royce lovett

4:40 p.m.               TCC African Dance and Drumming

5:30 p.m.               Grammy Award Winner – Kendra Foster

Cascades Park
Meridian Room

Room A

12:00 p.m.            Introduction to Yoga Science – Dana Dennard, Ph.D.

1:00 p.m.              Food as the Foundation for Healthy Communities – John Warford, Ph.D.

2:00 p.m.              Know Thy Self – Mutaqee Akbar, J.D., Christopher Daniel, Ph.D, Burce Stouble, Ph.D. and Professor Maurice Johnson

3:00 p.m.              Charting a New Path to Your Child’s Education – Dr. Yolanda Bogan and Mr. John Monds

Room B

12:00 p.m.             Financial Literacy – Mars, SBI

1:00 p.m.               Start Your Own Business – Keith Bowers, SBDC

2:00 p.m.              Community Healing Circle – Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Ph.D.

3:00 p.m.              The Art of Unmasking: Identity as a Source of Community Awareness, Action, & Engagement – Atira Charles, Ph.D.


Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 5:30 p.m.

Two-time, Grammy Award Winning FAMU alumna, Kendra Foster brings a fresh breath of Southern charm and funk-soul music roots to the music industry. Her style defies classification but contains drip-drop elements of R&B, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Classical, Electronica, and World music. As a former member of George Clinton’s world famous Parliament Funkadelic, Kendra has traveled the world performing over 1,500 shows and appearances. She also co-wrote eight songs on “Black Messiah”, D’Angelo’s surprise hit comeback album, which debuted in the Top 5 on iTunes; and was streamed more than 5 million times in a single week.

As an artist, Kendra has performed at many festivals, including the Art of Cool Festival in Durham, NC, at the GOOGLE Lounge, and has been touring extensively with the release of her single “Promise to Stay,”which has amassed more than 4.9 million streams on Spotify.


Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 4 p.m.

Armed with an unmistakable voice, a spirited guitar, and lyrics drawn from the depths of his soul, Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to music. After grooming his lyrical skills as an underground emcee, the Tallahassee native learned quickly that he had a desire to carve out his own musical path. This led the singer, songwriter, and rapper to blend his organic approach to lyricism with guitar-driven melodies and a unique urban flair.


Capital 6

is a Lyricist Collective based out of Florida. Through admirable wit and poetic devices, they bring a new organicflavor to your ears. 

Collective Members:
Crimson  //  Intricate  //  Donny Brasco  //  A.P  //  Rob Ohtis  //  Hakeem Furious 

Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 3:45 p.m.

Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 1:40 p.m.

Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 3 p.m.

Performing on the MAIN STAGE // 1 p.m.

Chart a new path to your child’s education and get tips on how to help them get into college and graduate on time.

FAMU’s deans will be on site to help you explore your dream career.


Cascades Park Meridian Room A Schedule

Introduction to Yoga Science

Dana Dennard, Ph.D.

Meridian Room A // Noon


Yoga has become a common word used among people in modern society. Like many other traditions, few people know that yoga is a tradition that evolved from African peoples. Generally, people think of yoga as exercise with a lot of stretching & some strange poses. But yoga is much more. This session will provide an introduction to yoga science – a tradition of methods for improving & maintaining physical & mental health through engagement of a designed lifestyle & across the lifespan. Dr. Dennard will give a brief history of yoga, how it has evolved into the mainstream, & the methods of the different types of yoga that have emerged. There will be a demonstration of some of the techniques (including some poses) with audience participation, for those who have no experience, as well as steady practitioners.

Food As The Foundation for Healthy Communities

John Warford, Ph.D.

Meridian Room A // 1 p.m.


Are you interested in learning how to grow your own food? Join us for this is informative and networking opportunity. Get tips on how to increase the availability of accessible, affordable, healthy, and sustainably grown food for those who need it most. Learn more about composting, community and backyard gardening, urban farming, and choices for sustainable living through food.

This session will feature Maisha Mitchell of the Tallahassee Food Network; Jennifer Taylor, Ph.D., FAMU College of Agriculture and Food Sciences; Sundiata Ameh-El, iGROW; Quasimah Boston, Ph.D. FAMU Institute of Public Health; and Richard Gragg, Ph.D., FAMU School of the Environment. The session organizer is John Warford, Ph.D., FAMU College of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.

Know Thy Self

Mutaqee Akbar, J.D., Christopher Daniel, Ph.D, Burce Stouble, Ph.D. and Professor Maurice Johnson

Meridian Room A // 2 p.m.


The “Know Thy Self” workshop will include a panel discussion on the teachings of Dr. Na’im Akbar, which have penetrated most aspects of progressive thought, affecting the minds of African people throughout the world. His book, “Know Thy Self,” offers insight and analysis of the social concerns affecting African-Americans in particular and humanity as a whole. The workshop’s panelists include his son,

Mutaqee Akbar, J.D., Bruce Strouble, Ph.D., Christopher Daniels, Ph. D., and Mr. Will Ayers Jr. Maurice Johnson, of the FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communication will serve as the moderator.


Charting a New Path to Your Childs Education

Dr. Yolanda Bogan  |  Mr. John Monds

Meridian Room A // 3 p.m.


Whether you are an experienced homeschooler or have been contemplating this educational option, this discussion will provide practical advice, examples, and information. See how your children can be academically successful, graduate, and attend college with your home as a base and you as their primary teacher.

Come dialog with experienced homeschool parents, John Monds and Yolanda Bogan, Ph.D., who will share the delight, demands, rules, and reality of homeschooling your children.

Cascades Park Meridian Room B Schedule

Financial Literacy

Mars, SBI

Meridian Room B // Noon


The FAMU MARS Program is designed to enhance the research capability of graduate students through the production and dissemination of financial decision-making research, including financial literacy, personal savings, labor force planning, personal debt, and retirement security aimed at changing the financial decision-making habits of minorities and low-income individuals.


Start Your Own Business

Keith Bowers, SBDC

Meridian Room B // 1 p.m.


The Florida Small Business Development Center at FAMU will be hosting the “Starting and Growing Your New Business” workshop.

If you are thinking about starting a business in the near future or if you have recently started a business and you would like to make sure you are getting off to a good start, this workshop is just for you. This workshop scratches the surface of what it takes to run a business and provides an introduction to some of the services the SBDC offers that maybe utilized in the future. Sample topics include, “Getting off to a good start,” and “What is involved in running a business.” The workshop also includes a brief discussion on legal formations, licenses, and permits. Learn about the necessary steps involved in starting a business during this interactive workshop.

Community Healing Circle

Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Ph.D.

Meridian Room B // 2 p.m.


The Community Healing Circle focuses on creating a space where issues of race, racism, and oppression that have affected the African-American community can be addressed openly and honestly. The workshop will address healing ourselves; protecting ourselves, our families, and children; and strategies for overcoming this dynamic.

The Art of Unmasking: Identity as a Source of Community Awareness, Action, & Engagement

Atira Charles, Ph.D.

Meridian Room B // 3 p.m.


People are complex and multi-faceted living organisms. Just as the flower, we are all diverse, distinct, and beautiful. We have the capability to share our various characteristics and identities with the world, but often lack the self-awareness to know exactly what makes us unique and how those distinctions can be utilized to impact and transform our lives and communities. Through the metaphor of the mask, we will begin the unmasking journey of using self- reflection and self-awareness as a tool to extract our authentic selves and to utilize it as a way to collectively mobilize our communities toward a sustainable future, while also maximizing our own personal and professional successes.